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Govento CMS

Govento CMS is a distributed content management system for professionals - Made in Hamburg / Germany. As a SaaS solution, Govento CMS is ready for operation in a matter of hours. Govento CMS increases efficiency during operation and provides a stable, high-performance solution for single-site and complex publishing projects alike. Govento CMS was developed as a Software-as-a-Service for our ISP and media customers and comes with a proven track record on high-traffic projects. Publish feature rich, responsive Websites or use the REST content API to get JSON, XML, or HTML output.

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CMS Govento CMS Application Layer
Different tasks, different views: Editor, Publisher, Manager, Developer

Clear logical separation of different user layers allows each Govento CMS user to concentrate on his particular task in the publishing process.

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Editor: In this application layer, content is created or edited based on carefully created, versatile content types. Contents are utilizing a rich set of features and characteristics enabling  flexible management through assignments, sorting and searching.

Publisher: This application layer enables publishing content directly to projects. An easy to use interface makes the process intuitive and swift. With a tree navigation, users quickly find the desired project node. Single contents can be placed via drag and drop. For automatic publishing feed modules can be configured. With both methods, direct and rapid publishing becomes easy and efficient.

Manager: The manager provides all the functionalities and settings  required for the modular design and the structuring of a project. With a clear tree structure, even complex projects can quickly be build and managed. Complete projects can be constructed and configured even before content and output formats are available.

Developer: With a built-in git server, changes of CSS, templates and scripts can be rolled out versioned and secure. New projects can be created from scratch with all stage and live URLs by just providing some basic info via the cms. The applied script repository contains ready-to-use CSS files, PHP templates and Java Script libraries.


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Multi Channel
Instant content distribution with Push Publishing

Govento CMS works like a broadcasting station, sending new or updated contents to all connected delivery platforms automatically. Push Publishing is a core function of Govento CMS.

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Govento CMS makes organizing publishing projects simple. Manage all your projects with a single cms installation and keep your channels up-to-date by automatic Push Publishing. Govento CMS focuses on synergy effects between projects. Because projects can be quite different in size and complexity, every project gets it's tailormade delivery enviroment. Govento CMS makes it possible to publish projects in a completly autonomous manner, not impacting other projects whatsoever.

  • Management of autonomous projects and teams.
  • Creation of a project in just a few steps completely via the cms interface.
  • Cloning of whole projects, for example to produce different editions of a project.
  • Central content pool for many projects, controllable down to a single story.
  • Fully developed user access management enables granular control of cms user's access to projects and content.
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Up to date on all channels
Instant Publishing - at the push of a button

Publish your content instantly to all selected output targets. From the desk or on the go with your mobile devices.

Time-critical business message or report material from the other end of the world: as soon as you publish your information with Govento CMS, all target platforms are updated proactively and the message is made available on all target systems. Not just texts, photos or videos, but also changes of the site configuration are published directly. This feature is enabled by the Govento Communication Interface (GCI).

Govento CMS controls what content and which configurations are sent. As a background service, the GCI takes care cares of highly topical and smooth transfer of your current contents to all target platforms. The GCI executes these commands as a Web service and provides users with messages signaling the progress of the transmission.
  • Easy setup and management of delivery platforms via the CMS.
  • Encrypted one-way traffic with remote systems for maximum safety of CMS installation.
  • Distribution of content and configurations via centralized interface.
  • Proactive caching by the GCI ensures efficient high-performance at maximum topicality.
  • Real staging - simple workflow. For review and approval the staging environment provides a fully functional 1:1 view of the project.
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Wordpress Import

Utilizing the default export functionality of WordPress, Govento CMS makes importing your blog a snap.

With the tools/export feature, WordPress provides an easy way to export the contents of a blog. The Govento CMS importer reads  the WordPress categories, posts and images and saves them as objects in the database. After importing the contents can immediately be used in a Govento CMS project. The blog structure is rebuilt in just a few steps by Govento CMS.
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Integrated search engine functions
Govento CMS with Elasticsearch

Using the integrated Lucene search engine under Elasticsearch Govento CMS empowers you to rapidly collect and deploy even large amounts of data - highly performant and with horizontal scalability.

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For projects aiming to present large amounts of content in a highly customized manner, the seamless integration of elasticsearch is a decisive advantage. Govento CMS makes it easy for you to set up search agents and dynamic content filters for endusers. In this way, large amounts of data can be made accessible for a project with just a few mouse clicks. Many projects which traditionally have been built as SQL applications can instead be set up as NoSQL search application utilizing the index memory. This leads to optimized time-to-market cycles at comparatively lower cost.

The integrated Govento CMS search modules can be configured easily for example to setup text searches or presenting taxonomies. Search requests can be defined by drag & drop with modular search agents.

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Content Management with REST API interface

Use Govento CMS as a content API für apps and services.

Govento CMS provides an optional content API service, that can be addressed as RESTful interface. The contents are comfortably edited and managed with the productive tools in the CMS. Each node in the project can be addressed by an authorized client through the API. Easy-to-understand calls return the result as JSON, XML, or HTML. Based on proactive, dynamic caching the interface can be used for high-frequency queries too. Clients can be notified on updates. Perfect for providing your external apps and services with contents while comfortably working with the professional features of Govento CMS.

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Category Manager

The categorization of content is completely flexible and an integral part of the system.

The requirements for categorisation of contents are different for every project. So we integrated a powerful yet easy to use taxonomy management. Govento CMS offers a clear graphical user interface and categorical trees. The categories can be utilized for queries or directly for filtering of contents for outputs. An ideal solution for categorically complex projects such as product catalogues or document management.

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Automatic Publishing - complete time control

Versatile timers are uniformly available on all project levels.

Govento CMS allows for complete control over display timings - down to the minute. The powerful timers make Govento ready for an automization of publishing projects. Date-sensitive contents can be turned on and off. The timer function also can be used for output elements, such as navigation entries or containers. Unique times, but also intervals and series can be configured. Whole areas of a project, contents or elements appear or disappear on time, when they are due. Nobody needs to stay in the office anymore just to push a button...

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Publish brilliant HTML5 videos

With directly integrated video tools Govento CMS let's you publish video content in just a few simple steps from your hard drive to the Internet.

Processing and preparation of videos in HTML5-enabled formats takes place fully automatically - making it easy to create video content of the highest quality in the CMS. A modern upload interface enables users to easily publish videos even from mobile devices.

Uploaded videos are saved as original files in the file system and converted into different formats. Only a reference to the location is stored in the database. The encoding server can also be set up as a remote service in a distributed environment.

All processing steps happen in the background with the status monitor signaling successfull upload. Now the video is availabe in the CMS and ready for immediate publishing or further editing.

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Social Network
Facebook posts directly from the CMS

With Govento CMS posting contents to Facebook pages is a snap

Posting contributions to your own Facebook page is possible using the regular publishing tools from Govento CMS. While editors just select contents to post, in the background Govento CMS adresses the Facebook API.  Facebooks API and publisher keys prevent possible misuse. Posts can be formatted by employing individual templates.

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Themes und Templates
Smart & responsive: Design out of the box

Responsive design with HTML5 & CSS3 frameworks, multimedia integration & popular JavaScript libraries: Govento CMS brings all the features needed for state of the art frontend production!

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Govento CMS is fully equipped with sample templates based on popular CSS framework Bootstrap. Or simply create your own theme based on the sample templates.

With its multi-tiered architecture Govento CMS passes all necessary data precalculated to the frontend. Frontend output can be developed without backend development, resulting in significant time and cost savings in the implementation of the project.

Sample templates are available for almost all everyday publishing tasks, like for example galleries, videos, different lists, search modules, quizzes... All sample templates are automatically pre-installed in the CMS  and can be checked out with the integrated git server for further customization or copying.

If needed front end developers can create and save customized template parameters, so that editors and publishes are able to control all details of the output without the need to create additional templates for every variant of an output.

Themes can be assigned to entire projects or selected areas. With just a few clicks you can redesign a project or just one project node, or show a product in a particularly glamorous environment.
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Scalable and distributed cms system architecture

With Govento CMS environment and distribution platforms can be adapted to your needs.

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Govento CMS is programmed from scratch for delivery in distributed, horizontally scalable environments and combines all the advantages of current software concepts. Equipped with a proactive multi-level caching, all delivery instances by GCI are kept at the same, current state. Whether single-host, cluster or distributed to many nodes. Powerful NOSQL storage structures avoid database bottlenecks and provide full scalability. A SQL database is used as a consistent memory for the original calculation.

  • As you need: Bundling of multiple projects or stand-alone delivery.
  • Bundling of multiple projects saves resources and is particularly well suited for smaller projects
  • For projects with either a very high or varying need of resources delivery through a dedicated platform with its own content storage and indices is advisable.
  • If necessary a project can be distributed to more platforms, or it can be removed from a platform, during running operation.
  • For particularly critical projects additional delivery from an alternative data center can be applied as recovery or failover
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Proactive Multilevel Cache
Current News with dynamic caching

Govento CMS achieves superior timeliness, performance and efficiency with deeply integrated multilevel caching strategies.

The development of Govento CMS was strongly influenced by customer publishing projects. The requirement was to maximize topicality and performance in a most cost efficient solution. New Messages needed to be available for end users immediatly. Editorial staff had to be empowered to work more efficiently. With just a click on the 'Save To Live' button new or updated contents were to be instantly distributed to all relevant platforms.

Meeting these requirements well known to all publishing professionals was at the core of the development of our proactive multilevel caching. Multilevel caching ensures high-performance delivery, regardless of the SQL database. If a CMS user saves a post, a background process writes it proactively via an abstract interface into the database and the caches of the target system. All caching layers are proactively deleted and rewritten when storing a content. Govento CMS uses horizontally scalable NoSQL databases for necessary calculations.

By using nosql caches, no database is directly engaged while rendering a page eliminating performance bottlenecks under high load conditions.
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Quick-Start with Govento CMS in the cloud

Save costs and expenses with Govento CMS as managed SaaS solution in the cloud.

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From simple single server set up to complex, high-availability installations everything is possible. With Govento CMS the platform can be customized to your project requirements. With server locations in Germany Govento CMS as SaaS in the cloud offers you maximum security and performance - quite simply.

Managed hosting

Our hosting partner with years of expertise ensures a professional and neat "managed platform" with ongoing updates of patches, security and bug fixes. Firewall policies and a demilitarized zone are protecting your project from unwanted attacks. Benefit from free improvements and further development of Govento CMS made available to your installation automatically.

Save excess capacities

Start quickly with the Govento CMS starter-kits, adjusting capacities to current requirements if necessary while operating. Pay only for your current needs with a platform that grows at the rate of your success.

Keep the business simple

We offer our Govento CMS SaaS as complete packages with fixed prices. You can book and modify on a monthly base.

No more and no less – just what you need for your project.

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